Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anil Kapoor in "Parinda" (1989), Part Two

Here it is, Anil's hairy scene from "Parinda". He's just gotten out of the shower, so all that hair is still wet:

Look how it continues from his arm, right up over his shoulder to his chest!

He's got to be the hairiest actor I've ever seen. Talk about a forest:

There's a very sexy moment where he absent-mindedly scratches it:

And wouldn't I love to be there to do that for him! All over!! Look how even his underarm hair continues up the underside of his arm and down to his chest!!!

But here's the most amazing bit:

He's literally part werewolf!!

He's all excited because he finally got a sleepover date with Briyanshu!


Arun Dewan said...

Perhaps this should interest you:

danothy said...

wow. all that with the extra added bonus that since his (head) hair's wet, there's no silly pompadour.

Briyanshu said...

Wow Arun, that's quite a video!! Very erotic - if only I had (Pakistani) cousins like that when I was growing up!!

Glad you liked it, D.!

gaykarma said...

I told u about his 'hairiness' Anil long time back!

The sad thing is that he has also resorted the modern trend of waxing/shaving in recent movies.....:-(

Briyanshu said...

Oh my gosh, I don't even want to hear that GK, what a tragedy!! What a loss for cinemadom! And here Hollywood actors have gone so far in the other direction now that they're all starting to wear big bushy beards...