Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dharmendra and Jeetendra in "Samraat" (1982)

When someone recommended this film a short time ago, I was afraid these actors might be a little too old to get excited about, and I was somewhat right. I love Dharmendra, but he had passed his peak:

And was looking a bit weathered. But, as I mentioned once before, to me Jeetendra actually got better looking as he got older:

I really can't explain it - maybe he just looks better to me with a slightly fuller face. And those strange eyes of his:

I'm not sure what makes them so striking, something about the shape. At any rate, the point here was that they took their clothes off. Jeetendra had a long scene without his shirt:

Not bad! Can't pretend that I was panting over him, but not bad. And Dharmendra joined him:

Dharmendra's never had a lot of hair on his chest - like I said, Sunny's mother must have been really hairy. I'm actually going backwards here; Dharmendra came into the room first, in his skivvies:

He tried to cover up with a towel, but Jeetendra wanted to see:

Definitely more candidates for pic enlargement. Then in the film's other similar scene, it was Jeetendra's turn, as he got ready for an outside swim:

Butt, that's as far as he went - he spotted a girl and pulled his pants back up. Butt, speaking of butts, there were a couple of those shots as well. Jeetendra:

And Dharmendra:

I admit, I really do like Dharmendra's big daddy-ass. And that is one thing that Sunny did get from his father, because these next two could have been either one of them:

I've seen Sunny in those exact same pants in another movie and their asses look identical in them! HOWEVER, it turned out not to be the bikini scenes in this movie that provided the excitement for me, but something else - which we'll have tomorrow!!


d4u_here said...

ohhh....thnkkkks a lot for this post. U r really fast in finding the movie and making the caps.

d4u_here said...

A few more requests:

1. "Bomgay" movie, where both Rahul Bose and Kushal Punjabi were frontal naked.

2. Rahul Bose naked from "English August".

3. Akshaye Khanna in swimming trunk from "Mohabbat".

4. Anil Kapoor in bikini brief from "Insaaf ki Awaaz", "Love Marriage" and "Tezab".

5. Chandrachur Singh in speedos from "Silsila Pyar Ka".

6. Danny Denzongpa in skimpy bikini brief from "Lal Kothi".

7. Dharmendra in underwear from "Tum Haseen Main Jawan".

8. Feroz Khan and Danny in bikini brief from "Kala Sona".

9. Jackie Shroff in speedo from "Dahleez", "Prem Deewaane" and "AAJ KA DAUR".

10. Salman Khan in bikini brief from "Baaghi".

11. Salman Khan "Partner", there is a special scene where he is coming towards the camera wet and transparent, and we get to see his blue underwear.

12. Siney Ahuja naked from "Sins".

13.Sunny Deol in speedos from "Ghatak".

Briyanshu said...

You are welcome! And thank you for that excellent list!!! I'll start hunting them down!! You certainly know your stuff!!!

d4u_here said...

Thnx once again.