Monday, March 30, 2009

Akshaye Khanna in "Himalay Putra" (1997), Part Two

Since I had a lot of time today (Sunday), I thought I'd just go ahead and do a bunch of posts and have them scheduled to appear later throughout the week (smart thinking, huh?). At least give you guys something new to look at each day.

Here's another face shot of Akshaye - isn't he dreamy??

Bodywise, he was small and compact, but somewhat muscular:

And he had a nice basket showing:

He showed off his hairy legs in one dance number, but it's a little too fuzzy to see well:

Nice little ass, too - butt more on that later. He had a scene at the pool - in this diving shot, even though the pics are fuzzy and dark, you can see the hair on his back:

And the thick hair right under his suit shows that he must have a really hairy ass, too! The scene of him at poolside wasn't really that good, either:

They really should have had him climbing out of it - but the wet underarm hair is sexy. Speaking of which:

Lucky pillow!! More hairy chest, as well as butt shots, to come on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

hey can u provide me the link for himalay putra movie...

Briyanshu said...

I don't think it's available online - I had to order a DVD from Canada.